by Rick Coburn & Lyndsey Cauthen

Do you like fashion, recycling and working with people?
If you answered yes to the these questions than you may be a perfect candidate for opening a vintage clothing store in your town. In the first volume of our series we cover everything from finding a good business name and raising capital to negotiating triple nets on your commercial lease. Don’t let greedy landlords, leasing agents or loan officers take advantage of you, find out everything that you need to know, plus tons of stuff that you had no idea you needed to know in our How To Open A Vintage Store Vol.1 “from loan to lease”.

Open a Store

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What you’ll get

Actionable Tips

You’ll get access to an exclusive collection of  effective growth strategies and techniques that we’ve used to help businesses grow, such as:

  • Creating a Good Business Plan

  • Getting More Out of Your Employees

  • Trend Forcasting & Scheduling

  • Effective Marketing Plans

Examples of Use

You’ll get to read about examples of real companies and people that have or are currently using these growth strategies to get ahead in their industries.

How To Get Started & Additional Resources

You’ll get helpful advice on how to implement each tip, what tools to use, and where you can go if you need more help.


Learn the Ropes

  1. Employee Manuals

  2. Marketing Schedules

  3. Supplier Contacts

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About the Authors

Ricky Coburn

In 1999 I started a vintage clothing store that grew to three locations and wholesale division. As our team began to grow, so did our reach out into different markets and our ability to  understand  how the overall consumer shopped and thought. We began developing more detailed marketing plans, employee sales  incentives, events and a way to share this information between the other shop owners.  Little did we know that over the next decade and half, we were slowly putting together the manual on How to Open and Operate a Successful Vintage Clothing Store.

Lyndsey Cauthen

Before I became a full time mom and creative director for a sustainable clothing brand I was a District Manager and start-up consultant for vintage clothing boutiques in Texas and California. I worked for a decade in vintage retail environments covering everything from day-to-day operations including in-store marketing, employee turnover and product merchandising to trend and sales forecasting for prospective locations and team members.  


From loan to lease Vol. 1

Now is the time to stop wasting time and start acting. It’s time to learn the secret methods and techniques from leader in the industry , and others have used to increase traffic, acquire more customers, and make a great living. With How to Open a Vintage Store, you’ll get proven strategies and actionable advice.