10-300x225With all the hype of online marketing and social media these days, it’s easy to overlook some of the simple tried-and-true offline marketing methods that have worked in the past and still work today.

Flyers can work really well at spreading the work about your event or attracting new customers – as long as they are done the right way. As far as advertising goes, printed promotions are not out – it’s just that bad flyers were never in. And those are unfortunately what we see the most.

10 Great flyers can be more effective than 1,000 bad ones, so if you’re going to spend the time and money on printing up leaflets or brochures – why not invest in one that bring you customers and make you money?

dressing-up-vintage With vintage dresses like Marilyn Monroe’s JFK birthday dress selling at auction for more than one million dollars, vintage is clearly “in”. Dressing Up Vintage celebrates the best of old-school couture, offering tips on how to spot a valuable garment and how to distinguish one designer from another. an enormous “sources section” features over 600 stores around the world where devotees can purchase vintage clothing. If you love the look of a bygone era, this book is for you!

my-freedeamn-1This is the bible among not only vintage fashion freaks, but also worldwide professional designers and collage students! This self-publishing book by Rin Tanaka was sensationally released in Spring 2003! He was already popular author in the vintage motorcycle jacket fans, but this new title featuring a history of American vintage t-shirts, made super big impact on worldwide fashion industry! He quickly sold over 10,000 copies by his hands; over 16,000 copies have been sold out till 2011! This book has total 288 pages; featuring 453 amazing KOOL samples from old surf, skate, motorcycle, hot rod industries. With such rare t-shirt product photos, he added lots of excellent his lifestyle portrait photos about famous hipsters like Joe Tudor (surf), Tony Alva (skate), Bud Ekins (Motorcycle), Billy Gibons (Z.Z. Top). This is must to check title for any fashion and culture-oriented people!