Get ready for some crowd control! Shoppertainment the fine art of running in-store events and promotions is the perfect way to differentiate your store from your competition, build a buzz about town, and thrill your customers all at the same time!

Vintage Stores are staples for fashion in their communities, and often attract some of the cities creative types from artists, musicians and designers. Getting your customers involved with your promotions is an easy way to put together an event with minimal effort and great success. Many successful stores have number of different events that they run throughout the year to attract customers from all different walks inside their shops.

Now it is time to get creative. Brand Identity is the visible elements of a brand (such as colors, design, logotype, name, symbol) that together identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers’ mind. I would recommend hiring someone that you may know or asking around for a good graphic designer to help you out. Sure you may be rather crafty when it comes to doodling, but your brand goes much further than your coffee table, it is how people will recognize your product over others. Let’s be realistic, sure you will be selling one of a kind recycled clothing, but to the average consumer it is just used clothing.  The kind of stuff you can pick up at a church charity store. They will most likely be wrong, however your brand identity will help clarify in their mind why your shop sales more than just “used clothing.” Your Brand Identity will start with your company logo.