about the author

Our desire is to educate people about sustainable business and lifestyles. Our business is selling vintage clothing, eco conscience brands and accessories; including jeans, T-shirts, corduroys, boots, dresses, sunglasses, jewelry and related items; much of which can be supplied by our wholesale division. The daily operations are easy by comparison with a minimal number of employees and relaxed business hours.

in the 70’s & 80’s

I was a younger brother and had to wear my older brothers hand me downs, it didn’t matter if I liked it or not. My dad was pretty crafty on the sewing machine so I learned quick how to fix or adjust things to make them fit.

in 1996

I lived in Costa Rica next to nice left-hander river mouth and started an advertising business designing and manufacturing tourist maps with a close friend. I spent my days surfing and learning how print and digital marketing worked for business’ catering to tourism. It was in Central America after meeting up with another entrepreneur who had developed a business structure for vintage retail stores in the South East United States I started putting together my first business plan to open a store.

in 1999

I opened my fist Vintage Clothing Store. I was blessed to have worked with some experienced business developers and came up with a formula that was profitable from an investment stand point and meaningful of an ethical standpoint. In order to insure a steady supply of vintage clothing for our customers  I slowly began to focus on wholesaling vintage clothing.

in 2003

I purchased into a small wholesale company that  began to define the way vintage clothing would be sold and resold on a bulk level.   At the time, if you wanted to supply a store you were going to have spend hours at a thrift stores or estate sales sourcing your goods. There were a few vintage dealers that were selling their goods to the Japanese market, but they were selling at retail prices. Over the next nine years our team began changing the way vintage clothing would be supplied to buyers on a global level.

in 2005

We passed our retail formula on to some friends who began opening vintage clothing stores of there very own. The formula in its simplest form was a success for them. As our team began to grow, so did our reach out into different markets and our ability to  understand  how the overall consumer shopped and thought. We began developing more detailed marketing plans, employee sales  incentives, events and a way to share this information between the other shop owners.  Little did we know at the time, but we were slowly putting together the manual on How to Open and Operate a Successful Vintage Clothing Store.

in 2010

We began sorting all of the information that we had gathered over the years i.e.documents, numbers, schedules, notes, images, press releases, business plans and more, in an attempt to start putting together a manual on How to Open and Operate a Successful Vintage Clothing Store.

in 20015

We released the first volume in a three part series on How to Open a Vintage Store VOL.1 “from loan to lease”

We have come up with a formula that is transferable to almost anyone who wants to get in to the Vintage Retail Market.

With retail mark ups being the highest in the clothing industry, opening a vintage clothing store is an excellent business venture. If being your own boss and working in this profitable, fun environment appeals to you, Click Here for more information.


Unfortunately with the economy being the way it is there are many risks to opening a business. Gathering as much information on suppliers and current markets can be very beneficial to the success of a new business. Although we can provide you with all the information needed to open and run a successful looking shop, your shop’s success will lie on your will and determination.