Brand Identity : 3 – Your Company Website

fv-web-300x228In this day an age your website is another huge factor in your brand identity. It will be a tool that in and of itself can open up an entire world of opportunity for your business either when you open your doors or down the road. I would recommend having a professional design your website, like your logo, this will be many customers first impression of your business long before they walk into the door.

Your website should be broken up into a few distinct sections or pages with an easy to use navigation system. You should also use a design that is responsive, that means it is easy to use and navigate a number of different hand held devices.

Hours of Operation. First and foremost you should have your store location and hours up front and center. This is what most people want to find out right away. This should link into page that has your hours as well as some maps. Make it as easy as you can for people to locate you.

About Page. You should also have an about or lifestyle page. This page should tell your customers about your shop, and about your brand. Explain to them what Vintage Clothing is, and why they should come see your collection.

News Page. If you are a writer or know someone that is, I would also recommend setting up a blog in the lifestyle section and have it feed to your home page.(That means have section on your home page that s updated by your blog) Talk about new clothing arrivals, events and sales going on in your store. A blog is also good for getting your store on the front page of google when people look for vintage clothing stores in your area.

Contact Page. This will most likely be a page that has the hours and information, but if it is a separate page make sure that you give your customers your contact information. How to find you, call you, and email you.

Email Sign Up. Invite customers to join your mailing list and encourage them to invite friends. This way you can keep in contact with your customers to give them discounts and direct updates. You should gather the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Email
  • Birth date
  • Verify that it is Ok to send the Emails
  1. You want to get the customers First and Last Name so that you know how to greet them either through email or when they come into your shop.
  2. It is good to have their address so you can send customers personalized flyers or discounts
  3. The Email is key, this is your easiest and sometimes most effective way of reaching your customer
  4. Knowing the customers birth date is good information to have. If you are running a online sweepstakes, or hosting an art show where you will be serving alcohol, it will be nice to curtail your mailing list to those that are of age. It is also nice to send customers discounts of gift certificates for their birthday. We will discuss this more in our marketing section.