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Easy Steps to Own and Operate Your Own Vintage Shop

With retail markups being some of the highest in the industry, Opening a vintage clothing store can be a very lucrative investment. Unfortunately with the economy being the way it is there are many risks to opening a business. Gathering as much information on suppliers and current markets can be very beneficial to the success of a new business.

Although we can provide you with all the information needed to open and run a successful looking shop, your shop’s success will lie on your will and determination. Finding out as much as you can about an industry that you are about to get into not only makes good sense, but it also tells your future investors, loan officers and land owners that you mean business.


In the first part of our three volume series we will discuss in depth the following topics:

Starting a Business

  • Coming Up With a Name
  • Creating a Good Business Plan
  • Create Business Structure (LLC, SOLE PROPITOR)
  • Open Bank Account
  • Payment Processor

Creating Brand Identity

  • Logo
  • Sign
  • Print Ads
  • Website


  • Finding a Great Location
  • Market Research
  • Demographic Research
  • Negotiating Tips
  • Signing a Lease
  • Do’s and Don’ts