window-displayCreative window displays are an ideal way to set your business apart from the competition. Windows are the billboard of your store, according to Tony Camilletti, of store-design firm JGA Inc. in Southfield. They’re a place to emphasize your unique identity, advertise merchandise and catch the attention of shoppers.

So how do you make a traffic-stopping display? The possible subjects are endless, but the key is to focus on a product or theme, not simply exhibit a collection of items.

Following basic design principles will enhance your displays. Here’s some advice from professionals like Camilletti, Denise Schroeder of Image Accomplice in Harrison Township, and freelance window dresser Kim Slocum from Pinckney:

wrong-employeeWhen you hire someone for a role in a small company, you can’t forget that you’re also hiring him or her to be a brand ambassador for your store. Their interactions with people and supporters may sometimes be the only impression you get to leave them with, so make sure it counts for the right reason. The best way to increase your numbers is to have a charismatic employee that will approach customers and leave a great impression with them. Ultimately, every hire in your early stages should be just as passionate and invested in the success of the company, because it not only impacts everyone’s future but also your startup’s survival.