9 Ways to Turn Off Customers

dealing-with-upset-customersAs individuals we all have our own little per peeves. What may turn off one customer may not bother another. However, as retailers we can’t afford to turn off one single customer. Image is everything. Keeping our stores neat and clean is not only easy to do; it’s generally an inexpensive way to attract customers and create a pleasant store atmosphere. In today’s world a disgruntle customer can cause a lot more damage than they could in the past. With social media and the many companies like yelp online, an upset customer has a platform to express their disgust.

Here are 9 ways our store could be turning off customers.

  1. Dirty Bathrooms. This customer pet peeve clearly deserves the number one spot on the list. Retail store bathrooms should always be sparkling clean, weather or not they are open to the public use. Make sure to stock the bathroom with plenty of paper products, soap and trash receptacles, and clean it daily.
  2. Messy Dressing Rooms. Keeping the dressing room area clean and free of hangers, tags and empty packages go beyond creating a neat store appearance. It is also a good step towards loss prevention. Take a quick look for out of place items after each customer uses the dressing room.
  3. Loud Music. Playing music will help create a certain atmosphere. However, music that is too loud, inappropriate or of poor quality can ruin an otherwise positive shopping experience.
  4. Hand written signs. In this area of technology there is no excuse for displaying hand written signs. It is too simple to print a sigh using the computers. Printed signs simply look more professional, and signs with hard to read hand writing can be a customer turn off.
  5. Stained Floor Tiles. Accidents happen but our customers do not have to see them. Dirty carpet or stained floors can be a turn off to shoppers. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping should be done regularly.
  6. Burned-Out Poor Lighting. Replace burned out light bubs as soon as possible. Make sure all customer areas in the store have ample lighting, and take into consideration with bad vision.
  7. Offensive Odors. Customers understand if they visit a lawn and garden they will deal with the smell of fertilizer. Certain odors are understandable as they appeal to the customer’s sense of smell. However, customers do not want to smell an employee’s lunch drifting across the store. Use neutralizers to combat odor.
  8. Crowded Aisles. Consumers like selection but not if means sacrificing comfort. Keep walkways free of merchandise. Cramped spaces can ruin a shopping experience.
  9. Disorganized Check-out counters. A stack of hangers, returned merchandise and sloppy work areas behind the checkout is a huge turn-off. This area where customer’s finical transaction is taking place shouldn’t show signs or disorganization. Like messy dressing rooms disorganized checkout counter can lead to theft. Keep those register are tidy.