Retail-Store-LayoutThe Business Concept section for a retail business plan is one of three primary elements that potential investors will actually read because it answers the question, “What am I investing in?” This section provides an opportunity to create a visual image of your concept in the mind of the reader. This is your chance to get others excited about your concept, enough so that they will ask two more questions, “How much will it cost me?” and “What is my return on investment?”

Investors and bankers, first and foremost, want to be sold on the thought that your business concept is a great idea. They need to be convinced that the concept should succeed in appealing to customers; after all, those reading your plan shop retail too.

wearing-vintageWhat are the most fashion-forward men and women wearing these days? Classic clothing from every decade. From flapper dresses to flare-legs, the hottest, hippest clothing and accessories come from flea markets, vintage shops and Grandma’s attic.

WEARING VINTAGE is the ultimate guide to finding, fixing and looking fabulous in vintage. Filled with ideas, examples and information about both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories-and featuring color photos on every page-it unlocks the endless possibilities of “vintage chic,” and shows how everyone, from fashion mavens to starving college students, can look great in clothing from the past.

virtual-vintageVintage clothing has never been more chic, with everyone from celebrity trendsetters to style-conscious professionals searching for wearable treasures from the past. Virtual Vintage is the first and only guide that helps both the novice and the fashion connoisseur evaluate and confidently participate in the thriving vintage marketplace that exists online. No other book explains how to get it, sell it, fix it, or wear it with flair. Authors Linda Lindroth and Deborah Newell Tornello equip readers from head to toe with

• more than 100 chic sites—rated and evaluated
• instructions on contacting sellers
• smart strategies for bidding in online auctions
• advice about evaluating the size, quality, and colors of a garment
• tips for cleaning and repairing vintage items

antique-guideThe Antique Trader Clothing Price Guide is a great handbook for those wanting to learn more about vintage labels and designers. From the 1920s flapper dresses to 1950s beaded cardigans and bell-bottom jeans of the ’70s, vintage clothing is helping to define today’s fashions. This book covers pricing and history of affordable items sold at general stores including Sears, Montgomery-Ward and expensive couture from leading designers such as Chanel and Dior.
In this handy guide, historians, collectors and consumers with an eye for fashion will discover: clothes and accessories for men, women and children from the 1800s through to 1970; 1,200 detailed colour photos to assist with identification; history snippets about each era featured; and prices and identification for more than 2,500 items.

Your Business Plan |Value proposition: So far you have told the business plan reader the answers to the what (mission statement), how (goals), and when, where, who, and by how much questions (objectives). What's missing? The answer to the why question. The value proposition describes


On Your Business Description The business description describes the nature and purpose of your business and includes your mission statement, goals, value proposition, and description of products and services. The business description delivers this content in a straightforward and informative manner, but with an upbeat


VINTAGE CLOTHING STORES – INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Vintage Clothing Stores have been in the United States since the 1970’s, only recently in the past 30 years have they been in more demand than ever. Perhaps it has to with the fact that today the fashion industry is


Check out the new Factory Vintage three part volume series developed for those looking to open up their own vintage clothing store and for those who already have a vintage clothing store but just can’t seem to get it to perform much better than


Do you like fashion? How about recycling? Are you good at working with people? If you answered yes to the these questions than you may be a perfect candidate for opening a vintage clothing store in your town. In the first volume of