Business Plan : 5 Prodcuts & Services

building-a-brandThis section of the business description offers the reader a thorough and straightforward description of the products and services you will provide to customers. For example, include product characteristics such as functionality, design, styles, and colors.

The product description should be complete enough to give the reader a clear idea of your products, but not overly detailed or technical so the reader is confused or loses interest and attention. If the product is unusual or not easily described, include a picture or a drawing. If a range of products are being offered, highlight the principal one or two and list the rest of the range here and/or put the full product  range in an appendix. As much as possible, describe the product from the customer’s perspective. The description should tell the reader what makes your company’s vintage clothing different or unique in the marketplace. More detail on this will be provided in the competitor analysis section, but a brief highlighting of product distinctions and key selling attributes here will help the reader understand the product or service better.

In this section you will also clearly define why your products are not just “used clothing” like one would find in a thrift store or consignment shop. Explain the difference between “vintage” and “used”. In this section you will describe clothing from different eras, why it is in demand today, and what separates it from contemporary or modern clothing.

After describing the products, tell the reader what benefits the customer will receive from purchasing the vintage clothing (e.g., what problem is being solved). This will most likely further explain the value proposition statement defined earlier.