raising money for your investment

From Raising Capital to Lease Negotiation

raising money for your investment

Having a game plan that includes a good business plan can help you overcome many of your obstacles before they even began to appear.

Knowing what to expect and knowing what to do next can make it or break it for anyone starting their own business. In our first series we cover everything from coming up with a business name to finding a good a location. You will also find out everything that you will need to know about putting together a good business plan and setting up an operations plan and manual.

The fist volume in our series covers all of the topics listed below:

Starting a Business

  • Coming Up With a Name
  • Creating a Good Business Plan
  • Create Business Structure (LLC, SOLE PROPITOR)
  • Open Bank Account
  • Payment Processor

Creating Brand Identity

  • Logo
  • Sign
  • Print Ads
  • Website


  • Finding a Great Location
  • Market Research
  • Demographic Research
  • Negotiating Tips
  • Signing a Lease
  • Do’s and Don’ts