How to Open a Vintage Store Vol.1 Industry Analysis


Vintage Clothing Stores have been in the United States since the 1970’s, only recently in the past 30 years have they been in more demand than ever. Perhaps it has to with the fact that today the fashion industry is always repeating itself, thus bringing pieces from the past back as trendy modern day attire. At one time a vintage clothing store’s clientele were solely individuals that were collectors of eccentric period pieces, or individuals that were looking for something only to wear to a costume party. These days’ times have changed. Japanese kids have paid over $1000 American dollars for a pair of Levis, the sole reason being they have a nearly transparent red line running down the inside seem, which is almost impossible to see to the naked eye. At the same time it is fashionable for a youth in the United States, guy or gal, to wear an old pair of Levis or polyester pants, with an old t-shirt, much like those of the baby boomer generation. With generation Y moving up in the corporate world, continuing to wear casual vintage pieces that were fashionable in there youth. Most of the generation NOW, is following closely behind them keeping similar trends. Needless to say the average baby boomer still has no clue what a vintage store is, while nearly all generation Y and NOW have known what they are there entire lives. As time goes by and individuals from these generations age and spend more of there earned money in today’s economy, it is prevalent that more vintage clothing stores will open in the years to come