building a vintage store

Master Day to Day Operations

building a vintage store

Learn how to handle the day to day operations of building a successful brand.

Take you shop to the next level by understanding marketing, how to throw events, PR, promotions sales and sourcing. If you are content with thrifting around estate sales and handpicking a few pieces from the local charity shop then this book is not for you. In How To Open A vintage Store Volume Three you will learn everything from sourcing to merchandising and marketing to sales schedules.


  • Store Layout
  • Price Points
  • RETAIL Tips


  • Marketing Plans
  • Creative plans
  • Marketing Budget
  • Marketing Schedule
  • In-store Marketing
  • Events
  • Sale Schedules
  • PR
  • Concepts / Themes
  • Trend Forecasting

Volume Three Available for Purchase Winter 2014

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