Members Only

members-only-adSince the 80s, Members Only jackets have been some of the both loved and hated icons throughout the years. While some people opt to wear vintage Members Only jackets for their nostalgic value, others have been quick to ridicule the brand and the people who wear it. Just watch the movie Shallow Hal and see Gwyneth Paltrow ask Jason Alexander if he’s the last member of the club when she sees him wearing a Members Only Jacket.

“When you put it on, something happens.” is the tagline that was so great that it got co-opted in the early 1990s and used by various condom makers.

The ubiquitous jackets were first introduced in 1981. They were available in a wide array of color choices. Given it was the 80s, after all, color was to be embraced and enjoyed.

While the Members Only brand included other clothing and different styles of jackets, when most refer to Members Only jackets, they usually are referring to the cotton/poly jackets with the nylon lining. These Members Only jackets feature an elasticized waist and wrists and a zip-up front with snaps at the neck. The finishing touch is the black tag just below the breast pocket that reads “Members Only” and proclaims its authenticity o the fashion cannon.