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Open A Vintage Store
With over 20 years of combined experience working in vintage retail we have developed a number of business solutions for those just starting out in the industry as well as those true and tried veterans that are looking to streamline their operation. Understanding how to hire the right employees can have huge impact on your bottom line, and knowing how to get rid of the wrong employees down the road will as as well.

Along with our three part series on how to open and operate a successful Vintage Clothing Store we also have the below business solutions available:

Business Solutions

• Factory Vintage Business Plan
• Management Handbooks
• Employee Handbooks
• Sales Handbooks
• Vintage Clothing Information Books
• Accounting Software Training
• Scheduling Software
• Merchandise Management Software


• Hiring Employees
• Employee Schedules
• Payroll


• Store Layout
• Price Points


• Employee Training
• Management Training
• Merchandise Training


• Consulting
• Market Research
• Demographic Research
• Negotiating Tips
• Do’s and Don’ts


• Shop Logo
• Store Sign
• In store Signs
• Letter Head
• Flyers
• Web- Site
• Print Ads


• Marketing Plans
• Creative plans
• Marketing Budget
• Marketing Schedule
• In-store Marketing

• Sale Schedules

• PR
• Concepts / Themes
• Trend Forecasting

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