vintage business plan

Your Business Plan

Vintage Retail Operations manual
A successful business plan is a living roadmap to your future, not just a document that will sit in your desk drawer. The vintage clothing industry is no exception. Not only do you need to create a mission statement to synchronize your company’s activities with a clear corporate vision, but you need to show yourself as well as you investors that you have plan of action towards profitability. It is important to create a good business plan that focuses on the following topics pertaining to your store.

  • Business Description
  • Business Concept
  • Industry Analysis
  • Mission Statement
  • Goals – Financial Predictions Four Years Out
  • Project Objectives
  • Value Proposition
  • Operation Plans
  • Products and Services
  • Financial Statements
To find out how to write a successful business plan check out the first volume in our How to Open a Vintage Store “From Loan to Lease”